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London milan train

London milan train, let’s go eight hundred fifteen kilometers separating these two beautiful cities in approximately thirteen hours to which the train is fitted with very good service cabins and bunk beds, food, entertainment area and free Wi-Fi that They make the trip an experience of good service and great economy, as the tickets that […]


Train from london to paris channel tunnel

During the holiday period there are many people who like to travel and see places they have not seen before, Europe is one of the continents most visited year after year by travelers and visitors from different places in other countries and continents, there is a train going from London to Paris through the Channel, […]


Train from london to paris tunnel

Visitors from other countries when traveling to Europe decide to take one of the finest transportation and faster as it is the train, and the tunnel is something that although it has some years it was built through there is new for tourists who visit for the first time, there is now a train from […]